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Eeveelution and friends GA! threads are now up :)

We lost :(Thanks to everyone who participated! Better luck next timeee
Hello! I bring to you guys a GA hosted by myntii and myself :) There is a little over 3 days left!

-Sales permission granted on 3/24/14 by allinia and my feedback can be found here and here
-myntii was granted sales permission on 5/21/11 by dakajojo and her feedback can be found here and here
I will be claiming the DX Sylveon and Sylveon MPC for $40 and myntii will be claiming the Korotto manmaru Vaporeon for $15 and we are also going to be bidding!

-I will be in charge of bidding/shipping and myntii will be doing the threads and spreadsheets!
-I ship from Virginia, USA and I will ship internationally
-There will be three payments:
  >Cost of auction/shipping TO the middleman
  >Shipping from middleman to me
  >Shipping from me to you :)
-All pkmncollectors rules apply
-Please bid in $1 increments
-NO deleting/editing/retracting bids. If you have a problem or concern let us know
-NO sniping. We will go with the 5 minute extension rule.
-Payment will be required within 48 hours after I receive the invoice.

harukazuyayuka-img600x449-13977861147hcllt4848harukazuyayuka-img600x449-1397786115nfbqpj4848 (1)
GA ends on FRIDAY April 25th at 8:00 AM EST and countdown timer can be found here

Please do not bid until all posts are up! Posts are all up! Have fun :)

Good luck everyone!

Tags: group auction

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