noctowl (noctowl) wrote in pkmncollectors,

buying eevee and sylveon plushies

i'm looking to buy one eevee and one sylveon plush, preferably the smaller sized plushies but i will look at anything as long as the plushies are about the same size ! these are going to be props for cosplay so tags are not needed and the conditiong can be used.

after looking at some pics i'm either looking for the standing pokemon center plushies or the sitting "mini plushies" also from pokemon center. but yeah, i will look at other stuff too. i'm not looking to spend a lot on these so yeah, if you have some plushies in used condition, i will happily take them ! just include pictures of the items :>

i'm in finland so be sure that you can ship worldwide.
Tags: eevee, sylveon

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