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I just won a grail of mine! I've been waiting well over a year for this to pop up on Ebay again, after it sold for some big ugly number on Buy It Now, and for years before that it was nowhere to be seen as well. My searches for it kept proving fruitless (though I did nab the life-sized Cyndaquil as well!) and I was beginning to wonder if it would ever show up--and if it did, if I'd be able to afford it.

Photobucket (It's the huge Chikorita!)

Thanks to everyone who wished me luck! It ended over $100 below my max bid (yeah, I aimed a bit high just in case) so I'm thrilled. She'll be the crown jewel of my Chikorita collection. :D Expect everything else in the lot to be for sale in a week or two when I have my sales extravaganza!

*Waits for someone to inevitably say "I was bidding against you on that!"*

Also, the following packages were sent out yesterday:

- resilientspider
- girlunoriginal
- ambertdd
- chronidu
- andyboyh

I hope they get there safely and quickly! Everything else will be shipped when zukan arrive or when eChecks clear. :)
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