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Custom Pokemon Time bookmarks now printed!

Hello community!

I have been trying to do some custom Pokemon Time bookmarks printed and finally I found how to do it!
This is my first bunch and I only tried to do my favorite ones but I think I'll do another bunch when I can. I have some of these for sale and I'm open to commissions! So if you want to see a bookmark of your favorite pokemon, check under the cut! ^^

I made this designs and they were printed and laminated. On one side you have the Pokemon and, on the other side it's black. You can decide if you prefer them with a hole and a ribbon or without it. They are 10cm x 5.5cm.
Bookmark without anything more: 5$
Bookmark with hole and ribbon: 6$


Available: 1xDragonite, 2xVulpix, 1xNinetales, 2xLuxray, 2xPoochyena

About commissions. I can do whatever you prefer: shiny, with items, only face, full body, with any background...
If you want to do a regular pokemon it would be 5$
If you prefer to do a custom pokemon or a personal design (I won't sell any more of this version and I'll give you an avatar for free) it would be 8$

(If you want a digital work you can send me a PM since we can't do that on the community)



  • kayeechu1993 - 3x Mega Lucario, Lucarin and Riolu

  • niraito - Entei

  • riolu - 3x Riolu

  • creampuffoholic - MegaCharizard Y/Y, Noivern, Noibat...

  • Coiffwaff -Furfrou

  • ...

And, as usual, if you prefer a traditional art, you can check anything on my other art commission HERE or click on the picture. I'm open to whatever you prefer ^^

Finally! It's only a day left for the Mommy Dialga GA, so if you want to get one of this cute plushies, just bid with your max. to be able to win this! ^^
Tags: custom, dragonite, group auction, luxray, ninetales, poochyena, sales, vulpix

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