Maggie (yellowmudkip) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Pokedoll wants and question

Just posting my pokedolls wants, before I post an update in the next coming weeks.

If you see these or have any of these for sale, please contact me <3 These are the last four I need to complete my collection!!


Also, I've encountered this problem recently. I had a package leave SMJ last Wedsnday via priority mail w/insurance (2/3 day delivery), and it was supposed to arrive by Saturday (I never listen to the 'expected delivery' time, because it is at times inaccurate.) However it's now Tuesday and it still hasn't arrived. Has anybody ever had this happen on a USPS package? I was expecting my Oversized shimmery Piplup pokedol and a Tomy laying Leafeon beanie, and I'm hoping that they didn't get lost ;_;

Tags: pokedolls
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