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very small collection update

Via package pic!story. XD; I'll do an extensive collection post sometime down the line.

Jolty: I wonder what could be in here..

Jolty: HMMMM.. I wonder..

Jolty: This is becoming very relevant to my interests! *_*

Jolty: Damn these tiny limbs! T___T Must open faster!

Jolty: ... (Please do not let the outside pictures be deceiving.. T_T)

Jolty: O////o! Y HALLO THAR!

Jolty: New friends. I has them! :3

Seriously, I don't think many people realize how happy I am to have gotten these. When I saw Flare up for grabs I claimed her like a rabid werewolf on steroids.. And since no one wanted Eevee, I had to take her, too. Now all I really want to do is get my hands on an official Vaporeon plush of any sort. *epic squee* ^^ I love my plushies.
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