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Looking for either Sylveon or Tyrunt plush! :)

Hello lovely comm! ^_^
I hope everyone had a delicious and fun easter, I sure did! *stuffs leftover chocolate egg in mah grubby mouth*.
I come to you today with a want for a dear friends birthday in a few months!

She is interested in either the Sylveon Pokemon Center plush (Pokeball tag) OR the Tyrunt Pokedoll (EDIT: Not Pokedoll - Pokemon center plush - I think any Tyrunt will do really).
They DON'T need to be with hangtag, but preferably not "loved". :)
Originally I got the Pokemon center Sylvee for $18 shipped from entirelycliched in January, so I'd like to pay no more than $20 plus shipping on her. For Tyrunt in his Pokedoll form I'd like to pay no more than $21 SHIPPED if possible. >_< These prices would be MWT.
Really hoping this is possible, because I want to make a dear friend's birthday wish possible! I went halfsies on a SHINY MAGIKARP last year for her, which was a GIANT wish of hers, and it got sent to the person I went halfsies with, and his parents threw it out, because it was in a bag. :(
So I really want to get this right! <3
Obviously I'd love to get her another 'carp but they are soooo pricey. :(

Thanks so much in advance darlin's! :D
Oh! I only need one or the other! ^_^

*I borrowed these from google, if they are yours please let me know so I can give you credit <3*
Sylveon's tag! ^_^

US Pokedoll
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