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X/Y Merch Search (mostly!)

So I 'finished' playing the Y version, only to start X and fall victim to the opposite gender Meowstic...  Funny how in Y, as a girl, I caught a female Espurr and she ended up on my team.  Now in X, I chose to be a boy, to check out the character's possible outfit's, and I caught and trained a male Espurr, to change up the previous game data  X3   Needless to say, this one now has a nickname, and I feel I must add him to my collection!

I am looking for a male Meowstic plush from the Pokemon Center!  (I have Espurr and a female Meowstic already.)  I wish to find one for $20.  (I saw one for sale on one member's post for $18, but I do not recall who it was from...)
Also searching for a male Meowstic With You pin!

I am also looking for this female Meowstic Pokeball/figure set!  I am not sure where I can obtain one from, nor the price.  I have seen the male Meowstic figure, single packaged, and ordered one from Sunyshore.  Why haven't I seen this girl yet?  Anybody?

PokemonCenterEeveeFriendsSylveonLeafeonFigure4-500x500 PokemonCenterEeveeFriendsSylveonLeafeonFigure-500x500
I purchased *almost* the entire set of these 'Eevee and Friends' figures.  I say 'almost' since Sylveon was the only one missing.  As popular as she is, I hope to find one

A bug!  A Scatterbug!  Now I do have this particular metal coin.  What I am looking for is the GOLD version.  I have both Vivillon coins.  Perhaps someone may have a golden Scatterbug?

Now!  Onto the wanted non- Kalos 'Mon, Arceus!

My goal was (and still is) to collect all (17, now 18, right?) types of Arceus figures.  I started out with the (what I didn't realize were called...) chou-get's, since I had found most of those first.  And surprisingly, I completed that set first!  Now the Tomy figures were a bit more scarce, even now more-so since I am assuming there was some kind of promotion for the 17 types at some point, which I was not around for.  I know that there are plush, chou-get, Tomy and chupa figures of all the plates...  I am in need of three Tomy Arceus types to complete this particular collection...
I am on the prowl for the Flying, Psychic and Rock types!

And since I'm on topic with Arceus, I found out that a bath salt/soap figure exists!  I haven't seen one on the community before and I wonder how rare these are :/  I know it has been a long while since their release.  I would absolutely love to know that at least one community member has one, even if I could use it as a reference/want picture...
Pokemon Bath Powder DP7 Bandai

If anyone knows the whereabouts of any of these merchandise, please comment away!  Any and all help is appreciated!  Good day to you all lovelies as well!

By the by, I am running off of caffine which I REALLY shouldn't be drinking.  Forgive any typo's, run-on sentences, ramblings and errors.  All images have been obtained by Google searching and I shall take down and/or delete images if the original owner(s) wish.
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