ipm117 (ipm117) wrote in pkmncollectors,

wants and some gets!

Hi everyone! I am still looking for these plushes!
I have had no luck finding Lilligant and Ralts :(  I have been able to find the rest but they are kind of pricey...
I will probably end up getting them but I wanted to check here first before I do.
If anyone has any for sale or knows where I can get them, please let me know,
Thank you!

- Thanks to creampuffoholic for finding Mega Absol!
- Thanks to gleameyesluxray for I <3 G Absol!
Wants 3
Enough about that!
Here are a couple of figures I found during the weekend :D
Tags: absol, dialga, giratina, ho-oh, kirlia, lilligant, ralts, wants, whimsicott, zekrom
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