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It has been so long since I've made a collection post here, I figured a re-introduction was in order...!

My name is Lissie! My favorite Pokemon is MAMOSWINE!! This July will make it SEVEN WHOLE YEARS since I've been in this community. Jeeeez!!!
I am currently in my 3rd year of art school, 2 of which have been spent away from home. Unfortunately, this means not all of my collection can be displayed, and a good majority of it is packed away. :( A good bit of what I have to display while in school is things I've gotten in the mail. Since XY came out in October, I've managed to gather the beginnings of my collections in one place. Yay!!

But first I wanted to mention my other collected Pokemon!! They are: the Mamoswine line, Flaaffy, Tangrowth, the Pansage & Pansear lines, the Scraggy line, Krookodile, Maractus, and Cobalion! Oof!!! I have a lot of soft spots for other Pokemon, too, mostly Flareon... ;w; I tend to focus on plush and figures, but I also get other trinkets here and there!

Let's go!

If you have any questions about my items, feel free to ask!! Also please ignore the messy art students carpet...

I absolutely LOVE Dedenne!! I love rodents a lot, and Dedenne is just too cute for me!! I especially love Dedenne and his trainer, Bonnie, in the anime! This is his DX UFO catcher plush! He hangs out with me on my bed!

TOMY plush! The plush of Dedenne with Bonnie's bag is probably one of my favorite plush of him! It's a perfect size, and very soft!!

Pokemon Center plush! I'm SO EXCITED for the DX Pokedoll.......

I LOVE the MPC plush!! It's so tiny and cute, and mine is in an eternal waving state.

Various figures! From left to right: TOMY Monster Collection, Pokemon Kids, 3 gachapon, and the skippy one at the end I want to say is a candy figure... Sorry for my bad memory... 8(

Various things!!

I LOVE Swirlix, because I love sweet things, and it also loves sweet things, and also it's just toooo cute. I think if I was a Pokemon, I'd be a Swirlix. I am sadly not a fan of Slurpuff. :((

Figures! A gacha and its Pokemon Kids! I'm sure I'm missing a couple gacha here and there. I do have the Pokemon Center figure strap, but I've seemed to packed it away somewhere...

Various things!! Oh Swirlix, you are so same posey...

Aaand, the Goomy line!!!! I absolutely adore the Goomy line. I love snails, and I absolutely love the color purple, so they are all winners for me!! But I have to say Goodra is my favorite!! I commissioned this amigurumi from an artist off Etsy to tide me over until this line has its time to shine!!


Thanks for looking!! :D
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