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Sales Update + Offers

Back with some interesting items up for offers.

Recently got a box so I added the extras to my sales post. This time I've got some more dice, key reels, and a few misc. items. I'm putting one of my Mystery Dungeon Jakks Riolus up for sale. A couple people mentioned they were looking for one in my collection post so I figured I'd give them a chance. His price is high, feel free to make an offer. And he's gone. ~

Recently got a box and some of my more exiting gets were a bunch of older pressed pennies. I only wanted the Lucario, but the rest were an awesome bonus. I'm not sure what to price these at so I'm taking offers on them. Also taking offers on an extra handkerchief I bought on accident.

cool handkerchiefpennies

- Dog friendly home but she has not been in contact with anything.
- I am in the US. I ship within 1-5 days.
- Prices DO NOT include shipping or fees.
- Once I ship it I’m not responsible for it. I print labels online so I do have online records. For envelopes I keep the receipt.
- Feedback will be left once you confirm you've received your item(s).
- Trades are considered offers and take priority. There are a few cheaper items out there I would be interested in (namely Mega Mawile stuff and Riolu flats).

Sales Permission granted by godudette on 5/28/2013.

cool handkerchief
The handkerchief is HUUUUUUUUUUUUGE!
cool handkerchief size ref
Here's a pokedoll for size ref.

Close Ups for the pennies. I don't have the best scanner. Sorry about quality.
pennies 1
pennies 2
pennies 3
pennies 4
pennies 5
pennies 6
Each penny will start at $3.

Offers have no set end date but it will be within the upcoming week. Countdown.
Please wait until all threads are up. Done.

Finally, if anyone has this shopper for sale please let me know!

I've got the Lucario counterpart (I'll do a gets post with more info on that soon). <3 I'd love to get Riolu.

edit: For domestic buyers who have paid, your items have shipped.~ For international buyers that have paid, your items have been packed and are ready to ship.~
edit 2 International buyers who have paid your items have been shipped. ~
Tags: deoxys, dialga, entei, giratina, groudon, jirachi, lugia, riolu, sales, shaymin, victini, wanted

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