spiritbomb92 (spiritbomb92) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Sweet mother or Arceus gets

Behold. After almost 3 weeks of waiting, I present to you all: A complete set of mystery dungeon diorama figures!!!!!

I was so happy to get the rest of these babies in the mail today courtesy of zorafinn

They look awesome all put together.

I also have a major grail on the way so I am excited to upload them as well.

Additionally, I have some wants to post here. Click the cut for wants

*****Sableye mascot plush keychain
*****nobunaga and zekrom statue
*****mitsuhide and articuno statue
*****sableye, mawile, nosepass, chimecho zukan set
****jakks mystery dungeon plushes
****jakks raichu
***mawile tomy
*** manectric tomy
*****delphox pokedoll
*****greninja pokedoll
***tomy dittochu
as always, thanks for looking

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