Tommy Pappas (kenai3000) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Tommy Pappas

Reintroduction + Tomy Collection Reorganization + Is My Tomy Magmar Legit?

Hi community,

I'm Tommy & I like warm hugs (brownie points if you know what movie I referenced.) I've been meaning to do this for a while. I've been into Pokemon since 1999 around the time the first movie was coming out in the US. My first exposure to it was through the Anime specifically the 3-parter where Ash caught the Kanto starters, and I've been hooked ever since. I then got a few cards then on my 9th Birthday in 2000 I played my first Pokemon game, Red Version which I still have to this day. I got Yellow too that day. My favorite Pokemon of all time is Oshawott as you can see from my avatar. I fell in love with Ash's Oshawott in Best Wishes! (one of the few good things about it.) I also like Charizard & Mewtwo. My main collections are of course Oshawott & Tomy figures.

Yesterday I reorganized my Tomy collection, and now I have more room for figures. I like this way a lot better.


What do you guys think? I am willing to talk to other Tomy collectors about our collections and what not.

I also want to know if my Magmar is legit or not. I am not really sure as I heard even the legit ones had bad paintjobs.


EDIT: Magmar is a bootleg sadly. :(

As for how many figures I need to complete each generation I need

Kanto: 10
Johto: 46
Hoenn: 53
Sinnoh: 35
Unova: 20
Kalos: 3 (of what's been released, but I am keeping up with this generation as they've been released)
Tags: collection, introductions, magmar, tomy
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