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KK SO some updates to collections! :D:D:D:D:D raichu, jolteon, rotom, and my gym leaders, too!
also a tiny lions thing! come check it :D
(none of this stuff is on the site yet for anyone who enjoys checking/reading details)

first of all, gotta just put this here yep here we go....

i now own all jolteon plushies ever - FINALLY! all of them in mint condition (very rare for two of them). i am so, so, sososo pleased with this collection, and proud that jolteon joins sunyshore gym in platinum right when i do it. JOLTEON IS AMAZING FTW LA LA LA LA JOLTEON.

one more time, bitches dont know 'bout my holy grail.

now... rotom! rotom will be getting updated a lot, perhaps this fall or winter ^^ but finally here he is!!! the custom plushies i have of him can still be seen on the site, as well!

the pahmlet is simply the only other-forme rotom merch i have right now, so i included it. WHY NOT.

now for some raichus!! these are good ones i think!

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU THANK YOU RIDI. ridi found these for me in a crazy shop in fukuoka that had them. they are rubber stamps - there is one for each pokemon, at least from the original 151 - oh, you didnt know that? its because they are near impossible to find. she found THREE MINT IN BOX (one went to raichu_saana). i'd never seen this stamp in my 10 years of collection raichu, i had only HEARD of it. holy. crap.

a complete collection of suzu bell keychains!


my gym leaders!!! i finally took an updated photo of my favourite father and son duo! why cant i find the canalave city gym POP card and badge? its never been on ebay - once. ANGER. does anyone wanna trade or sell me theirs? :D its driving me bonko.

and for the halibut... all of my gym leader doujinshi (photo does NOT include all my raichu doujinshi, which are also getting an update next week). i am going to a pokemon doujinshi even in 2 weeks, where over 100 pokemon circles are attending! i hope to bring back some good stuff!


and a small lions update! check out these luxray covers, thanks to origamigirl! they are officially in the collection now and also placeholders for more lions cards to come (i assume!)

i have a ton more stuff arriving next week. will update again! :D
Tags: cards, custom, jolteon, luxray, plush, raichu, rotom
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