cakeequalslies (cakeequalslies) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Late introduction and Major Whimsicott want!

I've been in the community for 5 months and I still haven't posted my introduction ;~; Whether or not you care, here is my late introduction!

My name is CakeEqualsLies and I have been a fan of Pokemon for about 8 years! My first experience was my Pokemon Sapphire version playthrough. Also, I have had my starter, EMERALD the Blaziken, a Rayquaza, and DESTROYER the Tyranitar for 7 years, currently in my X version. I began collecting pokeplushes in 2012, starting with a Musical Mincinno. My first pokedoll was a US Flareon. I don't plan on collecting a bunch of plushies, but it's still fun to collect these awesome toys! What I plan to collect next is an Ichiban lottery prize Bulbasaur plush and a 2011 Whimsicott pokedoll, which I am looking for right now! Thanks for taking your time to read my intro! ;•;

Please help me get my hands on this awesome fella :D
(Image from
Tags: pokedoll, wanted, wants, whimsicott
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