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Pokemon X Y 02 zukan pick up!

Pick up has finished ^^ Posting payment shortly

Payment post is up: http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/17151959.html

Sorry I made a mistake on this post, was supposed to pick up everything on 30th April and for some reason I put 7th May instead ^^; So by all means no rush if you can't pay yet, deadline will remain the same (9th May).  I will be replying to comments at a later time when closer to payment deadline ^^


Hello all,

It's time for the new XY02 zukan pick up :D

Pick up date: Wednesday 7th May, payment post will be up on the same day.

Payment due: Within 48 hours of payment post (which means before Sunday afternoon), unless you talked to me first.

Payment method: Paypal only, no e-cheques. If you really need to send as e-cheque, I need payment on sign up since they take ages to process.

All orders that are paid for on time will be shipped on: Wednesday 14th May

All Claims are final, no backing out/ deleting/ editing comments. If you made a mistake, correct by replying to your own comment!

- Shipping is from Hong Kong via airmail (small packet). Registered airmail (signature required on delivery) is available for an extra $2.2. If you don't get registered mail, you are responsible for lost/ damaged packages. I will upgrade to register mail for free if you purchase 2 sets or more. Feedback
- Price includes shipping and fees to ANYWHERE in bubble mailer! If you want a box, let me know but please be aware it will cost considerably more.
- Sets are picked up NIP and will come with inserts. I have no controls of how Takara Tomy handles the paint job.

Price for full set of 4, inserts included:
$25 including shipping and fees to anywhere, i will upgrade to registered mail if you purchase 2 sets or more.

I will also be opening claims for individual lines this time, price as follows:
Please note that these will only be picked up if all lines have been claimed.
Froakie line: $10 shipped
Fennekin line: $10 shipped
Chespin line: $10 shipped
Pancham line: $8 shipped

Combined shipping is possible, take $1.5 off each additional line if you are purchasing multiple (:

Claims for full set:
1. niraito
2. chaos_21
3. renshao
4. creampuffoholic
5. badfeeling
6. chromapika - registered mail
7. nmtr37
8. rypeltajaroll
9. puckyducky - adding XY01 set ($15) from sale
10. aki199257 - adding XY01 set ($15), clear charmander strap ($3). freebie palkia from sales
11. hanteninuyasha
12. pokeranger9494 - registered mail
(cutting the list at 12 sets)

Claims for individual lines:
Only opening 3 sets for now unless these get fully filled.

Set 1:
Froakie line: torotix (poliwhirl Got myself a set instead so releasing the Froakie line to next person in line ^^)
Fennekin line: pokedoll701
Chespin line: pbjpokemon
Pancham line: pandaeatworld

Set 2:
Froakie line: akisazame77
Fennekin line: whitekyurem - registered mail
Chespin line: badshines
Pancham line: akisazame77

Set 3 didn't go through, sorry :(
Set 3:
Froakie line:
Fennekin line: irethsune
Chespin line:
Pancham line:

Thanks everyone!
Tags: zukan
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