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My Question + Somewhat "Helpful" List For Buying Purposes

I have a question: anyone know of any online stores that sell the older TOMY figures, like in the black and yellow boxes? I like those, but I can't seem to find them in much places except for Yahoo Japan, but I'm still too lazy to get a middleman services and after hearing about obscene payment 2 charges, I'm scared to do so. eBuey is usually a joke (enjoy your 6 dollar, out of box, scuffed Bulbasaur TOMY!). I have, however, created a list of places that I know sell MIB older-gen TOMY figures.

Pokevault: Diverse selection. The pricing, however, is subpar for certain items.
Animeraro: Kind of like JapanVideoGames with a marginally better selection and slightly slower shipping. I don't know which one matters more.
JapanVideoGames: Passable selection. Pricing is not that great. The service, however, is excellent. I live in the South, and they're in California, and I usually get my packages in 2 days, although I haven't bought from them in years.
GKWorld: Incredibly poor selection, but at decent prices.
Toywiz: Average selection. Sometimes exceptional pricing. Sadly, I have heard horrific stories about items taking months to arrive and items failing to be taken off the website weeks after they are purchased.

Deceased websites:
ToysNJoys: They had a very nice selection. I have heard horrible stories about shipping. I think the physical store is still alive, though.
Sonrisa Toys: They had MIB TOMYs for like 3 dollars for maybe like a couple months around 2010. I got a Venusaur evolutionary line for 4 dollars. The shipping was incredibly quick. A young life taken far too soon.
HobbyValley: Had some rarer TOMYs like Clamperl for cheap. It died sometime after 2010.
Unknown (had Moon in the name): It had some rare TOMYs on it like Absol and Sneasel for low prices. I don't know if it's down or not but an extensive search produced no signs of its whereabouts.

If anyone doesn't know of any stores based on the internet that sell the older gen TOMY figures, does anyone live near a store that sells them?
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