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Rainbow of TOMY gets! And some random thoughts...

Not particularly rare or exciting, but I need to share, anyway!

Lot 3 1

I may have freed* Zaptos before remembering to take pictures.  It's poor beak had been smushed against it's packaging though, so I had to rescue it!

*tore into the packaging like the three-year-old I actually am.  I love poke-parcels :D


Infernape's cheeky grin is the best, and I love the texturing on Moltres' wings - if only all the "fire" on figures was like that, it'd be awesome.  Although Y is the one I'm currently paying, I have so much nostalgia for the past generations.

Now, the question:

What are everyone's thoughts on shiny versus matte finishes on their figures?

I think matte seems to suit darker colours (it didn't bother me with my Gogoat), while the yellow of Fennekin could perhaps do with a bit of shine?  It just seemed very plain against the bright shineyness of everyone else.

Also, what does everyone think of the rotating disks most of these guys came with?  They're a bit gimmicky, but it feels wasteful to just throw them away.

Happy collecting!
Until next time~
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