Riraito (niraito) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Even more gets :D

I wasn't expecting this package at all! I'd left the front door open for our cats so they just put the package on the doormat. When I was getting some icecream, I suddenly saw it sitting there <3

*blurry picture*
My Chompies ;.;
Sadly, M Garchomp's tag didn't make it. It's bent >.<
But the plush itself is great! The figure is smaller then I'd expected, but this is my first Tomy.

Litleo pokedoll! Seriously, this one is the best thing of the whole box. DAT FACE. It wouldn't stand up so I couldn't take a pic, but you know how adorable it is. I also got the charms. Really, I didn't expect these to be so small. But they're incredibly detailled.

These aren't mine, they're my little sister's. Froakie is really cute :3

All the items and lots of bags xD

I got these straight from the PC in Fukuoka, from my friend. I didn't know the prices for these items before but he told me how much some of the items cost. Now I know that most of the items on Ebay are horribly overpriced ;.;

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