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Why I like KB Toys

Guess what i found today at the KB Toys in the mall!?

The second set to the Pokemon TFG! I went in KB Toys to see what pokemon toys they had. i really didn't see anything i wanted until i looked way up on a shelf and saw a bunch of the TFG Next Quest starter sets. i have both sets. but, then i saw one that looked different. i couldn't reach it. ah! so i went to get help from a employee. he reached up and moved the first couple out of the way, and YES! GROUNDBREAKERS starter set! LATIOS! :) i had him look to see if the other starter set was there. sadly, no. but i was VERY happy to get this. i don't know how many people here collect the figures. i have some of the first set and this second set has a lot of pokemon i like in it. but, for some reason someone in charge of releasing these has really screwed up. this set was release but then kind of "taken away". they stopped shipping them out and haven't really done anything since. i hope they go back to releasing them. i really like to collect the figures.

just thought i would share my nice find. have a great day/night everyone! i plan to hopefully post another bigger collection update soon!

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