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Shiny Eeveelutions Zukan Auction! Reminder for Standing Sylveon Kid Auction + Other Namco Movie Kids

Today I bring you this work of much frustration (and love <3). THIS:

I spent a good 3 days painting these itty bittys and hope others will appreciate and love them for all the work that was put into them :3 You can view more photos in their full size and different angles under the cut ;)


All pieces are painted carefully with matte acrylic paints. Please be mindful when handling these. I did my best to mix paints for true to game accuracy but every monitor displays color differently so please take that into account.
Please understand that start price reflects the amount of work it takes to paint items of this size as well as materials, thank you!

*Sales Rules*

Permission info here: permission granted on Apr. 5th by allinia
Feedback over here:http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/midnitekitten17/

~I ship from Edinburg, TX 78541 USA
~I ship worldwide (Bubble mailers is default for most items, please let me know if you'd prefer a box)
~I ship within 48hrs of confirmed payment

~I do own 4 cats! My items are up and away from their reach, but a stray hair may make it into your package, please keep this in mind if you have severe allergies
~All pkmncollectors rules go here, I do not sell to banned members

~Items will have priority to those who ask for a quote and follow through with a sale within 24hrs, otherwise item moves on to the next party.
~Commitments are final and payment is due within 24hrs (unless previous arrangements are made).
~I am willing to hold items for those waiting on paychecks or funds to clear, if I hold an item and you do not go through with the sale I will leave negative feedback, sorry :<
~I welcome best offers, but please understand someone willing to pay full price will get priority over you
~I do accept trades including customs!

~I accept PayPal, Money orders (at your own risk), concealed cash (at your own risk) and Credit/Debit cards (processed through paypal, but you do NOT need a paypal account for this option :3)
~Everything is in USD
~To facilitate a nice, smooth transaction please make sure you note what you are buying and who you are
~Remember to give me your zip code when asking for a quote, I have a nifty postal scale so quotes are easy to accommodate

All Pkmncollectors rules apply, no sniping, sniping in the last 5minutes will extend the auction by another 5mins! Please make sure to ask for a quote beforehand if you are worried about shipping. Auctions are open to members of any country. Bid increments of .50cents please!
BIDDING WILL END 4/28/14! Countdown here:

Each 'Vee will have it's own thread. The display base will goto the winner of the most pieces or the buyer who uses the BIN. BIN option will expire if the total of all bids is higher than the BIN.

Also don't forget that my Standing Sylveon Kid auction ends in less than 12hrs! You can also purchse other Namco Movie kids such as Dragonite and Snivy for reduced prices! Here:
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