Koko (cosmicxlove) wrote in pkmncollectors,

help a cosmic out.

so my phone is dying. D:

to help offset costs of upgrading and of getting a new pokemon case.... I'm selling and auctioning off some things.

I have sales permission- 1/18/14, by entirelycliched.

http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/soulsalight/ <----- OLD FEEDBACK

http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/cosmicxlove/ <----- CURRENT FEEDBACK

I only ship within the USA. please don't ask otherwise.

I ship on tuesdays, wednesdays, and thursdays, and most saturdays.

all pkmncollectors rules apply- first to commit gets the item, along with the five minute auction extension rule.

the auction will end on 8pm on MONDAY, april 28th- Pacific Standard Time. A timer will be provided with the images!

if you could bid in increments of 1, that would be amazing.

First off is a DX I Love Eevee: Vaporeon plush. This was on ebay, but I figured you guize would be more like to appreciate her. Purchased from a comm member when she was first released, she's pretty as she can be. <3 Asking 27 shipped- includes fees, bubble mailers, and tag protection if wanted! sold.

photo 3

Secondly would be the Jakks Pacific figurines of Empoleon, Torterra and Infernape. I'm asking for 5 shipped for each of these, but if you buy them as a trio, its only 12. empoleon and torterra have been sold as individual figurines! the trio offer is now unavailable.
photo (8)

This auction is for an elusive pikachu ga ippai iphone 4/4s case. there are some signs of light wear- some scratches, but nothing incredibly horrible. I'd like to start this auction at 5, and we'll see what happens from there!


photo 1 (3)
photo 2 (3)
photo 3 (1)
Tags: auction, empoleon, infernape, pikachu, sales, torterra, vaporeon
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