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New stickers & offers- Caterpie bell plush & Pokedoll keychains

Hello! Today I have a few things for sale, and I wanted to mention that my sticker shop has been updated. A few Gen 6, and a lot from Gens 1 & 3.  Please check it out! Here are some of the new stickers!


Ok, now here are the things I have for offers - Caterpie Bell plush (missing bell and string :( ) and Pokedoll keychains. Please look after the cut!
photo 2


  • Sales permission granted 19 FEB 2013 by entirelycliched.

  • I ship from NY, USA.  Prices do not include shipping or PP fees.   I charge actual shipping plus .30 for materials. Larger orders go in boxes, smaller in polybags.

  • I accept Paypal ONLY.

  • Not responsible for Post Office oopsies.  Please enquire if you'd like insurance. The price quoted is for regular mail.  If you'd like Priority please ask.

  • Please pay for items within 24 hours.  No holds.  Be clear if you are committed or just asking for an shipping estimate. First committed buyer has priority. Indicate if you are committed!

  • All PKMNcollectors forum rules apply.

  • I have pets, so you may find a stray hair.  Non-smoking home.

  • Please note your postcode or country for shipping.

  • When paying, indicate your user name on the PP form

Here is the Caterpie bell plush. No box, string or bell. Offers start at $30.
photo 2
photo 1
photo 5

And here are 2 Pokedoll keychains. Asking $20 ea OBO.
photo 2
photo 1
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