Yasmin (pikabulbachu) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Today's Gets & a big wantslist!

Hello comm ~ again I'm coming with gets&wants (sry xD) But I'm willing to show you my lovely things I got today! Look under the cut for my small, but cute&retro gets :D

Sooo cute! I'm so happy! xD Thanks to the comm for the postcard and the caterpie stamp pin! And thanks to ebay for the card xD (the card is normal holo, only the cardholder makes the card so glittery!) The postcard is really cute - I like postcards with such unique artworks! And this caterpie stamp badge is kind of grail to me!


Must also take a photo of my bug stamps I have now:

Don't know why, but I find these old merch so awesome!! It's so cool to own 2 shogakukan stamp things with bug-type pokemon now! :)

And here is my new wantslist I made!! Please take a look if you want my money! :))


- Southern Island cards I don't have


- Raichu kids (attack &normal, except the one who stands on one foot, because this one I still have)
- (Only clear) kids of caterpie, metapod&butterfree
- butterfree normal&pink kids
- Bulbasaur, ivysaur&venusaur kids normal & clear (except clear normal pose venusaur)
- Clear ledyba kids


- pokemon time tin butterfree!! (think I've seen it anywhere but not sure)
- pokemon time tin venusaur


...and you can offer me any other things of caterpie line, bulb line, oddish line, ledyba and raichu. :)


Thats all, thanks for looking all & good night! :3


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