Kurumi (kurukimi) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Search for Pokemon Y and PMD: GTI

◠‿◠ Hello everyone, I hope you're all having a completely fantastic day!~

A best friend of mine is going to be taking care of my 3DS for a while so I wanted to buy them a copy of Pokemon Y so that they can get into the XY spirit :') I'd rather buy one from the community so I was wondering if somebody had an used copy of Pokemon Y to sell? (I already have X and plus, he likes Yveltal more c: ) I'm not too sure about what the value for it is used, so feel free to toggle around and I'll try to meet up to your standards of parting with your copy n__n (Shipping will be to the US) Found!~ Thank you so much, Herar!! c:
If there's not a copy of Pokemon Y for sale then please keep in mind that I'll also be on the search for Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity! I think it looks pretty fun :') It's cute!! Plus, who doesn't want to be a Pokemon? *__* I'm hoping not to exceed more than 20 shipped in the USA for this, since I've seen copies go around for this much on the community, buuuut, of course, I am buying your precious copy, so I'd be willing to try to fit your needs c: This is just a heads-up, but I can most likely pay tomorrow! c: Or today if you're in a huge rush xD
Thanks! n__n take care!

oh right: and if anybody has a giratina pokedoll for sale, please tell me~
Tags: eevee, fennekin, wanted

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