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The evil looms~

One dark and gloomy night, I found myself wandering further and further into an unfamiliar area. There were mountains... that much I knew as I wandered aimlessly through the pitch black surroundings. Though I could hardly see, my other senses were heightened. I began to suspect that I was not alone. I felt it, like the wind caressing the back of my neck. I froze as the presence came closer. My thoughts ran wild, but one stood out. Would anyone believe me once I returned home? With that burning question deep within the recesses of my mind, I slowly reached for my camera. If I was to die tonight at the hands of whomever or whatever was out there, I was at least going to document it for others to see if they happened upon the camera and my dead carcass. I needed proof.

Suddenly, it appeared! I jumped back and managed to snap a few solitary pictures before it lunged at me, bearing it's razor sharp fangs. I did not know what it was at first. I dodged the beast as best I could, all the while trying to get a better look at it. With the threat of death lurking in the night air, I figured it best to try and make my escape. I had taken enough pictures to prove my sanity. I scrambled to find anything to fend off the beast. Thinking on my feet, I scooped up some fresh dirt within my hand and threw it at the creature in hopes to blind it long enough to make my escape. It worked. The creature squealed in pain and anger. I bolted down the mountain as fast as my feet could carry me. Once I saw the welcoming lights of the town below, I knew I was safe.

So, ladies and gentleman, I give you my proof of the creature I encountered that night. Not knowing it's true given name, I have decided to dub it...


Frightening, no?! His red eyes are what helped me see him in the darkness. They glow like fireflies. (Message to the mods: this is my official pic for the contest)

You can see how daunting his eyes really are! Would send shivers down the spines of bravest of men!

His looming presence is almost admirable. It's obvious he's seen many centuries pass by. I think it would be safe to assume he's wise well beyond his years.

This was the last photo I was able to take of him before I made my escape. I feel very fortunate to have made it out alive to tell my haunting story.

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