Gin・ジン・仁・:) (denkimouse) wrote in pkmncollectors,

HQ I Love Pikachu + RAICHUS for grabs!

The new HQ Raichu plush are out, and I scooped up as many as possible to share with the community!!

You can get your own HQ Raichu plush mint condition brand new, and I can even combine it with Sunystore (haha clever right) Orders if you've ordered petit plush, starter evo pokedolls, Espurrs or 12 inch Dedenne dolls!

Raichu plush by themselves are 45$ + 10$ shipping (55$ shipped) or 52$ to combine with something else. I have six up for grabs! GONE!!!!!!!!!!! thanks you guys! :D

Just comment to claim!

Please also go check out the other things on Sunyshore I will be picking up tomorrow :D My feedback and sales policies can also be found on that page. As for Mega evo charms, 90% were mailed yesterday and the rest go out on Monday. Thanks for ordering those!!

Yes, I do have the giant arcade poster for this Raichu. Yes, that is just how I roll.

Until next time, I plan to amass ALL the I <3 Raichus before updating with them, so see you with more of them in May, comrades!
Tags: raichu, sales
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