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A wild NOPPINBOX appeared!

Things have been a little crazy here of late (my new boss requires 10-12-hour days, six days a week ><, boyfriend's grandfather died earlier this week, and we thought his 19-year-old cat's kidneys failed (kitty is doing better today!)). One little bright spot? I got a box from Noppin! I was planning to save it for Sunday--my day off-- so I could take better photos in daylight, but my excitement got the better of me.

"Helping" me with this unboxing is Fishy-fish (the shiny Magikarp), and The Big Grumpy Umbreon (not a name, a title!)...and, I suppose, my cat.

Fishy-fish: WHEEEEEE!
TBGU: Good job, human. You bought newspaper.

I will say one thing for Noppin: They pack things very well!

Cat loves newspaper, so I had to give her her own:

TBGU: So, what is in this thing anyway?
Fishy-fish: New friends? Another Magikarp? Please be another Magikarp...

TBGU: Why is it so small and not-grumpy? Where did it learn to be an Umbreon?

(Have you noticed that all of the Banpresto Umbreons are grouchy-looking?) Canvas Umbreon! My second Canvas plush. He doesn't have a hang tag, but I'm OK with that. Easier to pet and cheaper too. So soft. They are tiny plush, though!

Fishy-fish: WHEE BUBBLEWRAP! Also, I think there's some more stuff in here!

TBGU: What are you lot so happy about?

Apparently TBGU is a misanthrope. Top is the Canvas Bulbasaur (with hang tag) and the big one is the Patchwork plush. I really like this guy, and I'm surprised that they didn't do more of these.
A closer look at the Patchwork plush:

The only thing that I don't care for about this plush is that seam across his lower face. Anyway, onward!

TBGU: A minion. Excellent...

This is the Korotto Manmaru plush, I believe. He doesn't have a hang tag, so it's hard to tell.

Photobombing Fishy-fish!

Fishy-fish: Looky! I found a sweet ride!

Yes, that's the Banpresto I <3 Eevee lying plush! One of the things I was most excited about in this box. Boyfriend has dubbed her Monorail Eevee (after Monorail Cat), so Monorail Eevee she is. And yes, she is very soft and fluffy. If you can find it for a reasonable price, get it! (My only complaint is that the "grain" of the plush on this one runs backward on most of the individual pieces, so it isn't as pleasant to pet from head to tail.)

One more thing in this package...
Charizard Ichiban Kuji figure.

Fishy-fish: But wait, there's more!

I stopped opening everything individually here. Small stuff, not terribly exciting.
All the small/flat stuff. 2009 Eevee Collection clear files (everything but Umbreon and Espeon), and under those is the Pokemon Time Lapras clear file, and the Venusaur Pokemon Time clear file. Lapras, Sentret & Furret, Ponyta & Rapidash, and Tauros dex charms; Water/Ice Type-focus stickers (and there's a Spheal pan sticker stuck to the back!), and...

Eevee collection Umbreon tin!

Fishy-fish: Look! It's me! Only not as shiny!
(Pokemon Time Magikarp strap.)

Fishy-fish: It is me! Yay!
Shiny Magikarp promo clear file.

Whew! (This post took way too long to write. LJ ate it twice!)

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