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First FromJapan gets! + Figure help? + Questions

Haven't update for so long. I was really bumbed out when I had to pay for my package because the fees was ridiculous and I only purchased small items but it was partly my fault for being too carried away. But hey, I got my package today!


Opened the package and...


Togekiss pokedoll and non-pokemon related. Sorry guys. That Burger bear is a mascot for a restaurant in Japan. I really love that mascot and I was so happy that I got it in the auction. His name is Goo goo. Smaller than I thought. Pretty sad.

Now, onto this sweet angel.

I lost to 3 Pokedolls auction but then, I saw this sweet angel with a BIN option. I know it was fate that we met. I didn't want this before but I went to a con last year and someone had it. I know I just have to get it for myself. Tag isn't minty but it's not TOO bad.

Next, some Subway Masters gets.
The straps are so pretty, I feel like getting extra ones to use.

I caved in and got an Oshawott Pokedoll figure. He is too freaking cute. Look at his pouty mouth. It's bigger than I thought.

Finally, for my collection! Elekid gets. Not much. When I have the funds, I'll get more Elekid stuff.

I won a Talking Elekid Tomy for 10 yen but he can't talk anymore XD. An Elekid Clip and a weird Elekid figure. Does anyone have any clue about what kind of figure this is? Here's a picture of his back.


He measures about 2.5 inch. I read somewhere that it might be a capsule machine toy but idk. It will be nice to know what it is.

I rearranged my desk.


Orz. It's still very messy.

Close up of Subway Masters because I can

I got a few questions.

1) Do you people keep your stuff in plastic? For example, I refused to take my Submas straps out of their plastic because it looks pretty that way. Do you keep the original boxes of your items? Like Idk if I should throw my Talking elekid box or not D:

2) Does any of you have a very restricted area to display your stuff? For me, I'm restricted to these two shelves D: It's stupid but that's how it is.
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