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Collection update & small sales post- Image heavy

I received my parcel from Sunyshore yesterday- thanks denkimouse for offering me the doujinshi as well- it is really lovely, and also thanks for the freebies! Photostory features customs & bootleg Raichu:

Bootiful: "I wonder what she's ordered now?"

Bootiful: "And they all lived happily ever after...what a lovely book"
Proto-Bob: "At least there was one Pikachu in there- I'm not happy with the content of Raichus though"
Foamin: "For goodness sake it was in Japanese! None of you can read Japanese & it was mostly a picture book!"


Big Kid: "Hey don't foget about us!"

"I'm bootiful..."

Big Skymin Kid in comparison to small one- even his petal moves!

Some of the wonderful images in the doujinshi!

And the Pikachu stamper has Raichu on it! I love it! Thank you for all of the lovely things Gin!

And today I went to the carboot sale (as usual)- and to find a stall which is completely covered in Pokemon in the UK is something you could only dream of right? Well I found it- and bought a fair bit from it. I love the TCG tin- it is covered in Legendaries.
The stall was mostly card based- but still it was all Pokemon! I tried not to faint!
Now all I need to find is a stall covered in Raichus...below are the toys I picked up for myself:

This Pikachu was found on a different stall- he is so lovely & his fur is so soft- and I think he's bootleg (no pokemon/nintendo trademarks- just a douche tag saying Paris?)

I also bought a few things from the stall that you guys may be interested in- most were in the TCG tin.
Prices do NOT include shipping! I ship from the UK, I accept Paypal (PO, Cheque, concealed cash from UK buyers only), I can hold items, I am open to offers, and I accept trades (for mostly Raichu or Skymin). My shipping days are Tuesdays, Fridays & Saturdays:

Hoenn starter Roller Figures: $2.50 each or all 3 for $6

Treecko shooter figure: $2.50

Kids Mudkip & Corphish, hard figures (1 Minum sold) & shooter Torchic (no base): $2 each or 3 for $5

Squirtle, Plusle, Charmander on base, Squirtle on base, Mudkip keychain with pokeball, Minum, Speal on pokeball & Zangoose on base still available: $2 each or 3 for $5
Figures missing bases, Geodude keychain, small Eevee with Pokeball: $1.50 or 3 for $4

Front Rear
Bizarre bootleg Pikachu- with a Raichu tail & "bleeding ear". Somehow I ended up with 2 of these by accident so one to go to a new home? $0.50

I am also selling a lot of things in my eBay shop at the moment- I have added nearly all the figures but I will be adding loads of plush tonight as well: TVKJ- Pokemon only

Also I found some cool things on eBay yesterday:
Eeveelution Moneybox Tin -no explanation really
Pokemon Rice Seasoning- I wonder what Pokemon flavoured rice tastes like?
Pokemon Applause Plushes- I know g-manluver found a rare Likitung in these series- maybe there's one you were after in this lot?

Tags: blaziken, charizard, charmander, corphish, eevee, geodude, latios, mudkip, pichu, pikachu, plusle, raichu, sales, sealeo, skymin, squirtle, torchic, treecko, zangoose
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