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Princess ♔

Hello Charlie !!

Oh my gosh so today is a very special day, I'm not going to delay on the news so let's get right to it !

To help us open this package we get a little help from Elliot !

Elliot : *Sniff Sniff*

Peekaboo !! Elliot, welcome your new baby sister, Charlie !!

I commissioned her from SpaceVoyager and she did a super amazing job with her !! I am just so extremely happy when my mom brought in the box to my room <33 Anyway let's have a few solo shots of her

Her hind legs are made in a way that she can sit or stand ! That was a lovely detail <3

And here she is looking at herself in virtual form <33
Make a huge smile !!

Anyway I'm so glad she got here so quick, she's gorgeous.

I got plenty of other things too ! The charms and moncole figure came from Pokevault and it actually took over a month to get here so I was kinda worried it got lost but nah it got here just fine !

I also got this set of eeveelution buttons from stripesandteeth, she's been one of my favorite artists for over 10 years now so I'm glad I was able to pick something up of hers <3

I won't be updating my LJ journal with my Sylveon things anymore as I'm in the process of making a Collection Website. So once I have everything all ready I'll make sure to show it to you guys <3 I'm extremely excited about it ovo Anyway I hope everyone is having a good day ♡

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