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April collection update and Eeveelution and friends GA update

To everyone who participated in the Eeveelutions and friends GA: We lost :( I was in a fierce with someone up until the very end. We even extended the auction by almost half an hour. Alas, even after raising my own claims by $15 we lost. Sorry guys D:

Anyway! Here is my collection update of the month :D

 Here's a small preview of my gets from this month. CUSTOM NOIVERN POKEDOLL AHHHH.


So I had a couple of exciting (in my opinion) gets this month :D My SMJ order came in! Not as huge as my last order though (my wallet is happy). First up is a couple eeveelution kyun charas an an Absol kid! The absol kid was in a lot with a bunch of other kids so I bought the whole lot just for him! (I'll be putting those kids up for sale whenever I get around to making a sales post). The Litwick line zukan and the Axew tretta I got this month from the comm.
YEEEEEE. FINALLY. I got this Pikachu QQ I was probably the most excited for this guy out of the whole SMJ box and the Sylveon/Eevee Lotto plush! She's so cute! I never really liked how she looked open mouthed but this plush changes how I feel about it. The fangs have never looked this cute before owo. Axew is new too and I accidentally got another I <3 Gothic Absol.......(I thought it was a different plush LOL. oh well, that will be in my sales post too so watch out for that!)

I got my Sunyshore package today too! And a package from a member :)
MEGA CHARIZARDS!!! They're so pretty I love them! Theres even some kind of hard material in their wings so they don't flop! I also got the mega charms of them and mega Absol :3

The 3 kids, the card, and the Noivern badge I got from the comm ^^

Purple friends!

And now for my Noiverns ^^
Finally got my hands on the attack kid qq he's so beautiful <3
20140424_14444920140424_144459 20140425_190857
Coin, dog tag, and badges!
My beautiful Noibat pouch by herar I love it soooooo much! I'm starting to grow a soft spot for shiny Noibat now :> Also, it's not Noivern but here's the Pokemon time planner I got that I made a wants post about the other day! Thanks so much ktmonkeyj :)

And I saved the best for last:

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. MY BEAUTIFUL NOIVERN POKEDOLL!! QwQ made for me by the wonderfully talented sorjei! He's just so awesome! And everything I ever imagined in a Noivern pokedoll QQ He also has an adorable hangtag (and booty hehe) :3

And now for my overall collection update :) I moved around everything again since I got a new desk! YAY! So now I have epic amounts of display space owo

20140424_14411920140424_012538 20140424_144333

Here are just the shelves! Not pictured is the sitting I <3 Eevee Umbreon that I got in the mail. I'm working on making my Espeon/umbreon cube symmetrical :)


And here is the top of my new desk! My desk is mounted onto the wall so it's floating! I love it :D

Sorry for the long and graphic post hehehe :)
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