Neoncito (xaskax) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Gets + wants!

Hello guys!
I wanted to post my March/April's gets and also a special want for a very close friend of mine.

I received 4 plushies during this time and I couldn't be more happy!

A huge thanks to firebomb for the Osaka Meowth plush and sorjei for Jakks Drifblim <3 I cannot express how much I love them!~
I love Eeevee HQ was from FromJapan (my first buy there!) and Spritzee is from ebay.

Lastly, I'd like to find some gifts for my friend's birthday.

The I love Gothic Absol plush. I would like to buy it for less than 38 USD if possible.

Plus, Pan stickers of the following Pokemon (if possible, all/most from one seller): Absol, Snivy, Taillow, Spritzee, Keldeo (resolute form).

Shipping would be to Mexico and I'd pay via Paypal
Thank you for reading :D
Tags: absol, gets, wants

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