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Introduction + collection + wants

Hello! Making my first post to the community to introduce myself. I've been a fan of Pokemon for as long as I can remember. (I have some Pokemon merchandise I don't even remember getting, haha!) I started in Gen ll with Gold and it's been my favorite generation ever since. It introduced so many of my favorite Pokemon and had so much to do. Kalos has come the closest to dethroning it with all the amazing Pokemon and mechanic changes it introduced. I can't pick a single favorite Pokemon, there's just too many I love.
Aside from Pokemon I'm a retro guy. Still own a NES, SNES, N64, and mostly use my 3DS for Pokemon and VC. Also a big fan of anime! My favorite is FMA:B and the most recent one I finished was Welcome to the NHK which I absolutely loved.
Now lets move on to the interesting stuff before this post gets too long1 My collection! Some pics may be a bit cut off. (Just in case, to the far right there is a Spoink and Pignite plush.)

Not much, I know, but I got to save some money for games and food! There's also some more stuff not pictured including a Tepig and Zorua plush because my brother has them. Most of my stuff is packed away too and I took it all out for this post.

Here's a closer look at the plushes!

My favorites here are the turtwig, totodile, froakie, happiny, and pikachu. I never realized how much the recent series of plushes has upgraded in quality until I set this up, lol! The pikachu one I've had longer than I remember. Literally, I don't ever remember buying it or it being gifted. Huh… I love it though.

Closer look at the figures!

We got some pretty cool stuff here. A random little jigglypuff coin from BK, lol. The groundon is unfortunately pretty scratched but I got it plus the Blastoise squirter together for $1 so I can't complain much. My favorites here are the Ludicolo and Torterra. These are two of my favorite pokemon and the figures are nice. The Torterra even has Earthquake action, lol.

And for giggles I'll also say I have a rather large Digimon collection although it's smaller than my Pokemon one since most Digimon figures are way more expensive.

And that's it for now! Not much compared to most here, I know! ^^; It'll keep growing though. Which brings us to the next part of the post, would you look at that!
Right now I'm looking for a Combat Series Hasbro Hitmontop figure (It's basically a spinning top, would prefer it with it's rip cord), and Combat Series Heracross. A reasonably priced Heracross plush is also desired. These are another two huge favorite Pokemon so these are top priority at the moment. I also LOVE politoed but sadly have no merchandise of it! I've been looking for a reasonable priced Politoed Jakks Pacific plush for a while now, most keep slipping away, so that's another one I'm after. A lilligant and Zoroark plush would be nice to own. Also looking forward to getting a Hawlucha kid when that comes out. You don't wanna know how much I liked Hawlucha. Oh, and how can I forget! Totodile! One of my absolute favorite starters! Looking for any and all merchandise of him.
Well thanks for reading this rambling post! Hope I won't be too much of a nuisance.
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