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Groupbuy maybe? 8D

You guys, I've found one of my grails- the only catch is it comes in a group set, and I only want the one....

Mewtwo would be the one I'm having a heart attack over right now. XD I'm not sure how to go about doing this- or even if I need permission. But I'd like to know if anyone would like to go in on this with me for some to the other Zukan in the set? I mean, if I don't get any takers, I'll probably just get it with my next paycheck (BIN $55 with shipping), buuut.... if I can get any help on this and possibly help someone else get a zukan they're after- all the better!

Thanks to superdweed, (omg thankyou) who told me where to find this set for so much friggin' cheaper- The Zukan will now only be $5 each including shipping! :D

A home as been found for each Zukan set, and they should be shipped out from the store to my house very soon! Keep an eye out for an new post when I get these in the mail- that's when I'll be collecting payments and sending them out to everybody who helped- thanks so much you guys! :D

Mewtwo - Me
Celebi - superdweed
Latios & Latias - chatsy
Deoxys - chatsy
Manaphy - ashketchumgirl
Dialga - bugbyte
Ash & Pikachu - pacificpikachu

(Mods, if I'm going about this wrong- please correct me, I've never done this before)
Tags: celebi, deoxys, dialga, latias, latios, manaphy, mewtwo, pikachu, zukan
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