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Dollar Menu

This will be my clearance for all the flats except for cards and collections I own. Everything will have a starting price of $1. I am going to take offers, but I don't think they are worth much. So, feel free to make a thread to offer. Unless some turns out to be really popular to have a bunch of bids, I wouldn't mind just letting it go over the weekend. Shipping would also be $1 in envelopes unless you want a document/photo mailer which would cause some extra bucks which I don't think would worth. 'cause those stamps in plastic sleeves are made of paper board or have a paper board. Besides, the growlithe and unsealed pikachu stamps have already had many creases so it might as well to cut and keep them as singles.

Sales permission was granted by denkimouse on 01/28/2011
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Click the image to get a full view of the stamps and stickers.
Tags: auction, bulbasaur, cyndaquil, growlithe, ivysaur, marshtomp, mewtwo, mudkip, offers, pikachu, quilava, sales, stamps, swampert, turtwig, typhlosion

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