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Multi post! A lovely spring outing!!+ is it possible...?

Today me, Xatu, and gardevoir went to Bellingrath Gardens in AL!! I haven't been since junior high so I was very excited when my parents said we could go ^^ it was worth the hour drive, I would love to go again in the summer with a couple of friends and take even more pics!!

I wish I could have took more flower pics, but I didn't have time bc I didn't want my parents to see, regardless they came out great!! I chose a James red rose out of all of the others for Gradevoir to show everyone! There were so many beautiful colors it was hard to choose 0-0
Watcha thinking about gardevoir? Taking in the beauty of this view? Yeah me too ~w~
Whoa!! A wild Charmander and Snivy appeared!! *throws bait* aww they ran away >3< heheh funny story about this grass snake, I almost stepped on him!! I was not expecting to see this little guy bc so many ppl walk these paths  0-0 we were both scared it was hilarious XD me bc like ok I could have hurt him and got bit and the snake ... Well he could have got smushed 0-0 but my dad put him in a safe place ^^ poor thing was breathing hard :( I gave him quite a fright!
Whoo hoo on to Ecruteak town!! Heheh jk this is the Asian garden, one if my favorites!!
"Hey look!! A new breed of golduck!!" I'm not quite sure about that Xatu ^^'
Xatu decided to meditate....

Wha!! A wild seaking appeared!! Gradevoir use psychic!!

Gardevoir and Xatu are telling stories about all of their adventures today!
Well that's been my whole day, I welcome other members to share spring pokemon merch photo-shoots to \(^_^)/ let's make this a viewing party!! I would love too see other places in this time of year! Is there any plant, tree etc that makes your area special? Take a pic with a pkmn and show us all!!

And finally, is it possible that 1/10000 Hong Kong sellers could be legit? Unless they stole a picture take a look!
Ok the second one is bugging me, is the stock image a picture of the real thing, or a bootleg product?  Any info will be appreciated so I can update my tutorial :) 

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