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Crazy Grimer Lady

$2 Figure/bag/other non plush Offers ends in 24hrs! Also some gets :3

Hello everyone!

There is only 24 hours left to offer on all the figures/bags/other non plush items in my offer post.
Many still have no offers or are at their starting offer!

Click the pictures or here to be transported.

Now a few fun gets!

I got this beautiful eevee on eBay. She is fully pose able and very life-like!
I was able to get these three on eBay. I'm happy to have all three final evo pokedolls. :) They sit with my final evo recall Tomys and banprestos.

After looking for some time, I was able to find the bigger nurse chansey plush I've been looking for! She's beautiful and completes my nurse chansey plush collection! :D

This fun Noivern I got on etsy. He is magnetic and super minky! I don't collect Noivern but I love bats and he looked so much like a real bat that I couldn't resist! Plus it's fun to make him hang from stuff.

Another Grail!
This massive pokeball I found in Y!J and was made to hold pokedolls! It was a free item if you bought $50 or more at Toys r us a few years ago.

This beautiful giant handkerchief is about four pokedolls by four pokedolls in length. It beautifully displays mewtwo!

Final Grail!
This little lady was hard to find and expensive to get! She was the last Nurse Joy figure I needed for my Nurse Joy/Pokemon Center/Nurse Chansey figure collection. I kind of wish Brock wasn't sold with her but I'm not going to open her packaging anytime soon so he stays, for now! Lol
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