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Gigaplushies GA Payment 2 // Offers reminder

Hello community!

The second payment of the Gigaplushie GA has arrived!

  • You can check the spreadsheet HERE

  • Since there are various sizes of plushies, each plush was given a value of 1, 2 or 3 according to the size in order to split the shipping cost.

  • Payment must be done via Paypal to the address gothybeans [at] gmail [dot] com Please, put your usename and what you bought in the message box (BE CAREFUL, THIS ADDRESS IS DIFFERENT TO THE PREVIOUS ONE)

  • Once you have paid, reply on thist post saying that you have paid

  • The original GA HERE

  • The lot on yahoo!auctions HERE

This post concerns to aurorabeams _deft_o_k demizeh gundamshenlong hammiekia mastershambler mcmc11 pocketmonstrmeg poptart_pixels princesspichu raikourai shiny_zekrom soge94 superkpopholic
    Also, here is a reminder of the items I have for offer, some button laying plushies, magnets and other items. These items are kinda rare and some of them don't have any starting offers yet, so it's a good chance to get them and I have reduced the starts. Click here or in the pictures to visit the original post


    Also, if you took part in the Mommy Dialga GA we won it. We are waiting for the Noppin total, but expect a little discount.

    Tags: group auction, offers
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