Archduke VaporLeon (vaporleon) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Archduke VaporLeon

Parting Ways: Vaporeon Canvas and Halloween Umbreon Plush - Listing on eBay

Halloween UmbreonVaporleon Canvas

Medical bills* piling up, and my family wanting me to visit seems like good reasons for these guys to be relocated to a new home!
Click the images to be teleported to the auctions!
I was granted sales permission in 2010, my feedback is located here!

*Some might be wondering about the purchases I've been making on here recently, if I'm mentioning pending bills. The answer to that is pretty simple, I've been the middleman for my boyfriend since I'm already established here and he's a pokefan too. I've been prodding him to make an account and join us, but one thing at a time. ;)
Tags: auction, banpresto, plush, pokecen, umbreon, vaporeon

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