Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg (pheonixxfoxx) wrote in pkmncollectors,
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A Wild Plush Lot Appears...

I've listed a lot of various Pokemon plush up on eBay as I need to raise some much needed money.


Click here to view the auction!

I actually wanted to hold off on advertising this lot until I finished the customs I plan to sell here. Due to a family emergency, I've had to put my artwork on hold for the time being unfortunately.

I have been a community member for over 6 years (7 years this coming August) and was therefore grandfathered in. Here is a link to my spiffy feedback...:3

Thanks and good luck...;)

Tags: arceus, auction, bonsly, chespin, fennekin, froakie, meowth, mewtwo, plush, purrloin, sales, scraggy, snivy, umbreon, victini, zoroark
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