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Goodra Collection Update

Hello everyone! As many of you know probably, over the past 4 years of collection, my main collection has always been Vulpix, but now, it is rivaled with the gem of generation 6 known as Goodra, and with it, Goomy and Sliggoo. I hope you enjoy browsing my I have gathered over the last two months or so!

Anyway, I present to you, my current collection:

Click the cut for more information and pictures!

Below are some individual pictures!

These are my only two official items in my collection. I have more on my wants list though! (check it out at the bottom)

These are my three Goodra plushies, all custom-made by various artists! I hope they come out with official goodra plushies <3 maybe a pokedoll? IDK.

And these are my custom Goodra and friends figures. The miniatures to the right were all made by me! And the left by my brother!

I have larger of these images on my website. Please look, it means a lot to me!

Click here please!

Under this cut is my wants! Please view, and anyone who makes any kind of customs should read as well!

As I avidly collect Goodra, I am looking to get customs and official merchandise alike! If you are a custom artist and willing to do trades, please tell me! (Also tell me if your prices aren't too high) I will make plushies, sculptures, digital paintings, whatever in return! I am a person of many hobbies.

Here are my official wants though: (Note: Trades are MUCH preferred, but I can pay.)

Goomy Pokemon Center Plush
Goomy and Sliggoo Clearfiles
Anything Goomy, Sliggoo, or Goodra that isn't listed here, and I don't have!
(Maybe another set of charms for a charm bracelet)

Thanks to everyone for reading, and have a great day!
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