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Collection Update!

Hey, guys. :D I'm still relatively new to Pkmncollectors, I've only posted once before. And of course, I messed up the whole LJ Cuts last time, so I probably didn't leave too good of a first impression. Dx So let's star again! :D My name is Chelsea. I mainly collect Pokemon cards, I've been building a Pokedex made up entirely of cards. I've arranged all the Pokemon by National Dex number, and each card is my favorite artwork of that Pokemon (at least from the ones I own!). So, basically, I'm trying to 'catch 'em all'. c: So far I have a complete Gen. 1-5 (and a running total of 3,323 Pokemon cards all together, took me a full day to count! xD). I just completed it recently! :DD Though, I'm always looking out for new artwork to update any Pokemon I already have as well. I hope to one day show you guys my collection, Generation by Generation. But that is quite a lot of cards, and I haven't decided yet how I will do it. I've also been working on collecting every Pikachu and Raichu card they have made. c: This is what I'm currently working on. I've also recently decided to collect the other Pikachu versions: Pichu, Plusle and Minun, Pachirisu, Emolga, and Dedenne. <3 The electric mouse Pokemon are my favorite! I also have several figurines and various Pokemon merch left over from childhood. :3

Today I'll be sharing my Pikachu and Raichu collection, my various figurines, plushies, and merch, and a very special non-Pokemon get that I think you guys will appreciate.<3

Let's start off with my Pikachu collection! :DD I currently have 58 different Pikachu cards. <3 I'm starting to get down to the hard to find, or relatively expensive cards. I'll probably start posting here to try to find some of them, the McDonalds ones are hard to find! Dx These are in order of my most favorites to my least favorites<3 Enjoy! :3


Next up is my Raichu collection<3 I currently have 31 Raichus. C:

14 - 9

Theeeeeeeeennnn, here's all my misc. Pokemon merch! <3


I hope you guys love it all as much as I do! :DD

And finally, I wanted to share a couple recent gets that aren't Pokemon related. But I figured you could could appreciate some Digimon lovins' as well. :3 I just recently got these two Digivices, the blue one a few months ago, and the gold one a couple days ago. It's seriously like the biggest dream come true. I've wanted these two since I was a kid. Season One and Three were my favorite seasons of Digimon, and I always loved the Digivices from those two seasons the most. Season One's Digivice is the blue one on the right, and Season Three's Digivice is on the left. The D-Ark (left) is seriously the coolest toy I've ever touched. Omg. It's glorious and addictive. I take it everywhere. You can slash cards through the side to get items and attacks and stuff. @w@


Aren't they beautiful?? @w@

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