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I sense a strong aura... A wild collection website appeared!

Hi everybody!

I finally completed my Lucario line collection website! I am planning to change my username to Mystic_aura soon, which is what I use most of the time online. Feel free to check out my collection website. It took forever to make because I have so many items. In December, during winter break, I retook pictures of all my stuff. Then, I organized them and added a branding to all my photos in case somebody takes them. Then, I slowly compiled all the stuff into a collection website. I finally published it today! Also, a special thanks to fluna_daiyunel for accepting my commission for artwork on my website! <3

Link Banner (Large)
Click the banner or this link to be transported: http://lucariostimeflower.weebly.com

If anybody wants to trade links with me, that would be great! I already added a bunch to my home page that I know of.
Those I have added are listed under the cut. Thanks!
[Links I already added]
riolu, slothyshroom, eevee_trainer, lucklessprince, denkimouse, ktmonkeyj, sui_kune, godudette, chromapika

Thanks for checking out my collection website!  I hope you liked it! =D
Tags: collection, lucario, riolu
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