classypersian (classypersian) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Help me out yo!!

Sorry to post again, but I will delete this once I get some input :) I really could use some help    here so I can update my tutorial, I did find some information so I guess this isn't a complete waste?

As mentioned, bootie banpresto plushies won't have the chain etc, and of course missing parts, munna your flowers are gone!! =0 but seeing this made me feel insecure about my tutorial:
For the first one, it looks off but yet it doesn't? Is that just how the stock picture is or is it a picture of a bootleg? And the second, I've been seeing legit looking mpc plushies being sold by bootleg sellers from Hong Kong, could it be that they are stealing images are are they just getting better? Any info is welcomed and I promise to delete this once I get info so I can correct any changes needed in my guide here!
Have a wonderful day/night!!

Btw does anyone know the yen price of pokecenter plushies? I can't find it on the tag and am just curious how much shelf price is bc I may sell one in a yard sale... MAY lol!!
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