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I finally obtained permission for my own sales post :o WARNING YOUR INTERNETZ WILL EXPLODE FROM IMAGE HEAVY-NESS!

Welcome to my sales, please read all policies first, thanks!

Sale’s Policies

-No excessive holding
-I will only hold items for 24 hours, after 24 hours are up the item is automatically for sale again
-Please be polite^^
-Haggling is allowed, but please don’t push me if I’m firm on a price :]

Shipping: all shipping is a flat rate…ALL PACKAGES WILL BE SENT Wednesday or Thursday the 17th/18th
Cards: +1.50
Other items: +2.50
Plush: +3.00

Cards: +2.50
Other items: +3.00
Plush: +4.00


Shining Raichu, 1st edition MINT: $25 or best offer

eevee evos card set: $7

Turtwig promo: $2 Jolteon promo: $1.50

Pikachu/Raichu Topps card: $1-SOLD

TOPPS, all .50 cents, dragonite SOLD

TOPPS, all .50 cents

TOPPS, all .50 cents

Togekiss: $1.20 Jumpluff: $2.50

TOMY figures: all $3 EXCEPT: unopened Deoxys: 3.50 electivire SOLD

leafeon kid: $3-SOLD

trading figures: all $3 except machop: $1.50 salamence-SOLD

custom shaymin plush: $10 PLEASE TAKE HER ;-;, buneary pokedoll w/tags: $10.50-SOLD, Ho-Oh poke doll w/tags: $15-SOLD

if anyone is interested I'm finishing up this real media picture of Skymin, I just need to color the sky, its on a rather large heavy weight paper^-^

penicls: .25 each-one SOLD

Freebies! TAKE THEM PLEASE! one per custom, thanks!

non-poke stuff, Talking Shoyru, perfect condition, still talks! $10 or best offer, please take him! Shipping will be +10 due to his weight ^^; Chomby plush, very soft: $5
Tags: leafeon, raichu, sales, shaymin
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