sproutpaw (zigguppafu) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Special Get, Want, And a Question!

First up is my new get! Say hello to my german mirage pikachu, Mr. Jeremy Flowers! :D
He has blue heart cheeks! I love how adorable and original this guy is. I immediately fell in love when i saw his picture! Thank you so much to j_ule and aurorabeams for helping me get him!

Next up is my want!
I am looking for a Takara Tomy Sylveon plush to add to my collection. I know that i can buy one for like 10 dollars on their website, but i'd really rather buy from a comm member if anyone has one for sale! C:
I had some more wants, but since i already have bids on other items right now i'm going to hold off on those. Which leads me to...

Has anyone else here suffered from anxiety from collecting?
Let me explain. Lately i've been participating in a lot of bidding in group auctions and ebay auctions, and it seems as though it's been making me stress out and have a very hard time falling asleep and staying asleep. I get so carried away that i set alarms for myself and i have been constantly checking my emails to make sure i don't have any notifications from people placing higher bids than me on the things i want. It's come to the point where i need to take melatonin and turn my phone off and leave it in another room to get to sleep. I think once the auctions i'm participating in are over, i'm going to try my best not to bid in any more and just stick to straight sales. I've already purposely forced myself to stop bidding over people on some items that i wanted.
I was just wondering if anyone else has gone through anything like this, and if maybe they have any tips for me. I work full time and can't be losing this much sleep and worry over toys. :c
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