Gin・ジン・仁・:) (denkimouse) wrote in pkmncollectors,

electric collection update entirely :D

i still want to save raichu update for once they have ALL FINISHED COMING OUT........early in may, it should be. you can still see previews in these shots of my electric collection update....electric collection living room??

this is my living room which contains my main collection! i do have a guest room filled with plushies, but this is the main thing. i tried to get the idea of it all in one shot, even if many electrics got cut out.

obviously the rest are here :D

and some of who got added so unexpectedly yesterday...12 inch dedenne doll, the first 12 inch pokedoll since 2009 with daisuki club arceus and sky shaymin!! click him to go to the electric rodent pokedoll info page :D as for the other additions... i'll let another raichu sneak in here to show off ampharos :D

................WILD GROUND TYPE APPEARS!!! updated garchomp collection with plenty of megas :D and even more coming out, too!!

...that is hardly as much as i have to update with, but i'll stick to this much for now :D thanks for looking, comrades! i'm off to pack your plushies!
Tags: ampharos, collection, garchomp, raichu
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