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cleaning questions, translation, wants and a sale multipost

first up is my translation request I recently got these dominoes thanks to my friend baconscreation and out of curiosity and to put the info on my collection site I was wondering if anyone could translate them for me
 photo 422207_600_zpsc2514861.jpg

now for my cleaning questions, first is I have a Jakks cyndaquil my grampa got me at a yard sale in Florida but it has a name on the bottom with permanent marker or something that I can't get off I have tried using rubbing alcohol, windex wipes nothing worked...
 photo IMG_6017_zps283a10a2.jpg
 my second cleaning question is about my recent giant pokemon center Lugia I knew it was likely going to be dirty since it was only 10$ but I am scared to try cleaning it, I know there was a post about how to clean them but I can't seem to find that post
 photo IMG_5967_zps5c7dda32.jpg

now my biggest want this elusive cookie tin it is from the sleeping pichu promotion and it has been my grail since I joined the com several years ago please help me find it and you can see my other wants here or by clicking the picture, also let me know if my want's list is missing anything because as far as I know I have every non flat dragonite item I don't own on the list
 photo 5ace9573-4145-4761-9ec8-57474d8e1f7b_zpsf37d2119.jpg

now for my sales plug
click the banner or here to go to my sales
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