Leludallas (akeyma) wrote in pkmncollectors,

And the winner is ...

It's time to announce the winner of the PKMNC Raffle!

I took the time to write out the names of all 114 participants and put them in a bowl to draw the name from!
I enlisted the help of some of my Quagsire buddies!
Happy Quag dove right in!
And re-surfaced with the winners name in hand!

Drum roll please!! ....

And the winner is!


Entry number 55!

midnitekitten17 !!


Their entry:
2014-04-07 22.27.15

2) My collection is an odd one, I originally didn't like Sylveon at all! But I bred a decent IV Eevee and begun playing with it in Pokemon Amie, when it evolved (I was thinking it was going to be an umbreon) I was surprised and contemplated soft resetting. Instead I decided to keep him and he ended up just absolutely kicking butt! Everytime I saw him say he endured a hit out of his love for me, or something to that extent I would just swoon. It was like he was actually my real pokemon. From there I just HAD to collect Sylveon.

3) I'm soon to be 23 and work as an art model for my local university and college. I'm lucky that my job pays enough to support my crazy collecting habits and still allow me free time to awe at my wall every now and then. My husband gets a little annoyed every now and then by the pink vee' that is always "staring" at him XD but he always ends up laughing with me about it and is happy that I'm happy :3

Thank you to everyone who participated!
It was amazing to see all the fantastic collections!

If you'd like to brows and comment on peoples collections feel free to check out the entry page: http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/17012092.html?

Have a wonderful day!
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